As children, when asked what we want to be when we grow up, there are multiple answers that change over the years… Unless you are one of those few people that have simply always known. Tim Cash, founder and creator of Far From Earth Films is one of the latter. At eight years old he proudly told everyone that he WOULD be a filmmaker! He proved his love and passion for the art by shooting movies on a simple VHS camcorder, and editing them between two VCR’s. The dream was being set in motion by direct action of an inspired child. A child who refused to hear that he should be concentrating on something more practical, and that very few ever succeeded at such far reaching ambitions. He was not convinced when they suggested he should join the army instead…

By the age of eighteen Tim found himself uninspired and floundering in his hometown of Jacksonville FL, and worked to save money to head out into the world. A world that fed his dream of capturing beauty, and creating magic through the eye of a video camera. He traveled for years though Europe, Asia, Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, always on a budget, as a way to both save money and truly experience each new land.

At 24 years old Tim decided it was time to start developing and honing his skills as a filmmaker, although by this time it was obvious that film was a thing of the past, and video would be the outlet used to make dreams come true. He purchased a canon GL-2 and a Macbook Pro, and started the process of both shooting and editing with this new, modern technology. It was obvious from the start that Tim had what it takes to create powerful pieces. His ability to capture a particular look in the eyes of his subject, to edit with the right music and smooth transitions quickly proved valuable. What started out with intimate pieces for his lover, and fun satire videos of his then job, quickly became political pieces for the governor of Alaska and weddings…

By the summer of 2004 Tim was known around Anchorage Alaska as a talented filmmaker and, for the first time, was making money and traveling, while doing what he loved. As incredible as all this was, Tim was still not ready to settle down, and the power of adventure once again pulled him away. While trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal he, along with his girlfriend Yuvia Storm, learned that they would be having a baby! This was unexpected, but very welcomed news! Finishing out their trip in India and Nepal they decided after much thought, to call Bend Oregon home.

In 2005 with a baby on the way, limited money, and no assets to speak of, it was time to make those dreams a real, paying reality! Living in such a beautiful, sought out place like Bend OR, made it easy to pay the bills with wedding videos. But they were simply a means to an end. Tim immediately got started on his own film that he had written the script to while traveling in Nepal. Within two years of moving to Bend Tim’s film was shown at the local film festival. From there commercial, national TV, documentary and music video work started pouring in.

Years later, cameras later, computers later, and hundreds of projects later… Far From Earth Films features a studio with a sound recording room, a green screen room, the red camera, a 20ft crane, an arial drone, sliders, lights, and everything needed for high quality video production.

In 2015 Tim is known most widely for his music video career which has taken him all over the world, shooting music video for both up and coming artists, as well as pop and reggae icons. Tim’s incredible ability to concept stories and shoot them in a fluid, dramatic way, with a look and feel that far exceeds the budget of the video, has gained him world wide recognition. Music videos are the perfect outlet for artistic freedom and Tim feels so blessed to get to make a living working with other artist on their masterpieces. By combining music and visuals together for a “bigger than life, look”, he is always ready to push further, and try new things with every video. Tim believes that by keeping music videos affordable, opportunities are open to all involved. He specializes in concepts that can be pulled off with a small crew in a reasonable amount of time, making him “reachable” to a much wider client base. With that said, Far from Earth Films is here to push limits, and no project is too big!

Tim remains incredibly thankful for the success of his career, health and happiness of his family, and the beauty of his Central Oregon home. He continues to travel for both work and pleasure, often with his two sons and wife in tow. His sons are growing up in the industry and it is becoming more of a family business every year. This year brings with it the production of one feature film and one short film (starring his family), as well as countless music videos that have him touring Europe and the west coast. Continuing on… Living the dream.

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